Loudon County Friends Of Animals

Loudon County, Tennessee

Loudon County Friends of Animals is a group of caring dedicated volunteers who are working hard to rescue and place the animals that find their way into the public shelter system.  The local animal shelters in East Tennessee do not have the resources, financial backing, space or manpower, to house all the stray and surrendered animals on an indefinite basis.  Therefore, the clock starts ticking for these animals at the moment that they are deemed ready for adoption.  LCFOA is an Adult and Senior cat ONLY Rescue.  Everyone wants a kitten during kitten season leaving the poor momma cats to sit in shelters until their time is up.  We concentrate on saving these sweet adults and seniors who deserve a great loving home too.

Our primary mission is spay/neuter working at ground zero.  For many years our mission was rescue only.  After pulling hundreds from local shelters each year to try and lower euthanasia, we never saw any changes in intake.  Therefore, we changed our primary mission to spay/neuter for community cats and kittens in order to reduce the number of animals being born which might eventually find their way into the shelter system.     


LCFOA  will continue to work hard in rescue to insure that as many animals as possible are rescued through either direct adoption, or placement into the foster care system before the clock stops ticking and their time is up.    Please help us make a difference!

Loudon County Friends of Animals.

A group of dedicated volunteers working to rescue the animals that find their way into the shelter system by providing  veterinarian care, sterilization and permanent home placement.


We Are Not “The Loudon County Animal Shelter”

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  LCFOA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization



2017 Expansion Program

LCFOA has expanded their great efforts to saving kitties to not only Loudon County, but we are now pulling many cats out of the Blount County, Monroe County and Oak Ridge Shelters and helping make a huge impact for these shelters.  These shelters have amazing volunteers and staff working hard with us to save lives.

2018 Adoption Results

LCFOA is pleased that they were directly involved in saving the lives of 614 animals in 2018.  LCFOA pulls adults and seniors from three  shelters in Blount, Monroe and Roane Counties.  We also took into rescue and found homes for many residents needing help rehoming their pets to keep them from going to the shelters here in Loudon County.


LCFOA paid to spay/neuter 200+ animals in Loudon County in 2018 through our free Spay/Neuter program for low income families. 



FREE Spay and Neuter Program

LCFOA has a free Spay/Neuter program for Low Income Families in Loudon County only.  Please call Kimmey at 865-408-7475 to set up your appointment.


Please visit the  SPAY TENNESSEE  website to view a list of all the low cost Spay/Neuter facilities in the state of Tennessee.


 Huge Impact on Shelter Statistics

LCFOA started in 2016 taking cats and kittens from the community versus them taken to our local kill shelter.   Cats do not do well in shelter cages and many that seem to be semi-feral are nothing less than a precious loving house pet now at the shelter deemed unadoptable.  By us taking them directly from the owner, we reduced the intake at our shelter by 348 cats and kittens in 2016 with this program, which reduced the euthanasia from 44% in 2015 to 28% in 2016.  LCFOA is very proud we made this happen.

Non Profit EBAY Store for the Animals

We sell all types of stuff donated to LCFOA to be sold on our wonderful new EBAY store.  This is how we fund spay/neuter to save the shelter animals.   We are also a Top Rated Seller on EBAY. 

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LCFOA wants to thank all the wonderful organizations and individual donors for making us the success that we are in saving animals and getting help for low income families to get their kitties all spay/neutered too.   We operate on a shoe string budget but have saved over 3,600 kittens and cats since we started.  That is a lot of kitties spay/neutered and in loving homes that keeps all of us working hard to save more each and every year.

Petsense Lenoir City

In January 2017 LCFOA opened up an adoption center inside the Petsense store in Lenoir City.  The majority of people want kittens and the poor adults just sit at shelters for a long time or many euthanized, especially seniors who rarely get adopted.   LCFOA is an adult and senior cat only rescue and we work our hardest to save them from getting euthanized.  Every kitty, not just kittens deserve a great home.  Lets please remember, kittens will be adults and seniors someday too.