The primary mission of Loudon County Friends Of Animals is to work to insure that as many animals as possible are rescued through either direct adoption, or fostering before the clock stops ticking and their time is up.  In the meantime, we also support spay/neuter and the Trap-N-Release (TNR) program for feral cat colonies to reduce the number of animals born, who might eventually find their way into the shelter system.

The animal shelter in Loudon County, TN does not have the financial resources, physical space or manpower, to house all surrendered or found animals on an indefinite basis. Therefore, the clock starts ticking for these animals at the moment that they are deemed ready for adoption.

Please remember, Loudon County Friends of Animals is not affiliated with the Loudon County Animals Shelter in any way whatsoever.



A group of dedicated volunteers working to rescue the animals that find their way into the shelter system by providing  veterinarian care, sterilization and permanent home placement.


We Are Not “The Loudon County Animal Shelter”

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A photo showing the Loudon County Animal Shelter.  This facility was built in 2006 and contains xxxx square feet of air conditioned space.  Funding for the land and building was purchased through private contributions and tax payer funding.





9:00 am - 5:00 pm  (Monday - Friday)

9:00 am - 1:00 pm  (Saturday)

Business Hours: 


Miracle Nichols




250 Jamie Drive

Loudon, Tennessee 37774

(865) 458 - 5593

(865) 458 - 9315

How Loudon County Deals with Nuisance Animals


Dogs are prohibited from running at large by section 44-8-408 of the Tennessee Code Annotated.


Violations of these sections are Class "C" Misdemeanors and are punishable by up to a $50.00 fine.


In addition many counties and municipalities have their own ordinances regarding animals at large.


In Loudon County, Lenoir City, and Loudon City, for example, it is a violation for dogs to run at large, but currently there is no ordinance on Cats, they are considered "Free range animals". 


Loudon County has a warning process in which violators receive up to 3 warnings that they are in violation and have 3 days to correct the problem.


If the violation is not corrected within 3 days the violator is facing possible impoundment of the animal and/or a citation.


Persons having problems with animals at large should call Animal Control, 458-5593.


Please be advised that it is illegal for a person to shoot or poison an animal simply because it is running at large.


The best thing to do first in regard to nuisance animals is simply to try talking to the animal's owner, who may not be aware that his or her animal is causing problems.



How Loudon County Deals with Lost Pets


The Loudon County Animal Shelter takes in several cats and dogs each day that have gotten lost and could not find their way home.  These animals usually do not have any identification.  It is best to have identification on your pet and even better to have them micro-chipped.  The Shelter has equipment to scan micro-chipped animals and reunite lost pets with their families. This is a very inexpensive procedure that your local veterinarian can provide.


Each month the Loudon County Animal Shelter takes in an average of 100 stray animals.  They are required by State Law to hold stray animals for 72 hours.  After the 72 hours holding period, the animals will be placed for adoption.  As a last resort, the animals will be euthanized. 


Thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized every day at animal shelters throughout the nation.  Over half of these animals have homes, but their owners did not think to call the animal shelter.  Please remember to call the shelter immediately if your pet is missing.  Your animal will be logged into the animal shelter’s lost files and you will be notified if they have any animals fitting the description of your pet.


You can also leave a message 24 hours a day on their answering service and your phone call will be received the following business day.


Loudon County Friends of Animals voluntarily reports all intake, adoptions and euthanasia numbers for our organization monthly to SAC.

INTAKE           474

ADOPTED      467

PUT DOWN        2 (lost due to severe illness & vet couldn’t save)