To fill out the application, use one of the following methods below.


NOTE:  If you are using an Apple iPAD or computer, you will need a compliant PDF viewer.


A group of dedicated volunteers working to rescue the animals that find their way into the shelter system by providing  veterinarian care, sterilization and permanent home placement.


We Are Not “The Loudon County Animal Shelter”

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1.  Update your Adobe Reader to the latest version to avoid data entry problems.  Click Here


2.  Update your version of Microsoft Windows security updates.  Click Here


3.  Click on the Adobe PDF button to the left.  WAIT for the PDF form to pop up.  It contains input fields for you to fill out.


4.  At the bottom of the page is a “Send Now” button.  When you click this button, a box will pop up.


5.  If you have a resident email program properly set up on your computer (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc), make that choice

     and send the email in the normal fashion.  The PDF form will automatically attach to your email.


6.  If you are using (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Others), choose the “Webmail” option and follow directions.

     Send the email to the following address:

Click on the Microsoft Word button to the left to download the “Fillable Form” file to a directory on your computer. 

The file is called “Application.doc”.


Fill out the application form and save. (Use your mouse pointer or the TAB key to progress through the form).


Attach the completed Microsoft Word “Fill Form” to your email and send to:

Microsoft Word